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PRN Market Report – Wk. End : Friday 20th July 2018

PRN Market Overview

Trading activity slowed this week as buyers, buoyed by good volumes reported in the June monthly report, decided to hold off committing to current market prices until after the published Q2 supply figures were released. Paper traded in small volumes with prices holding at the previously reported level of £15.50. All other materials reported little to no activity.

The Q2 supply figures released over the weekend reported a strong performance across all markets with the exception of Glass Aggregate supply. The Glass Remelt market is currently creating enough excess to cover the additional Glass Aggregate demand and at current rates may provide some tonnage to General Recycling pot of demand. Plastic supply increased by 30k on Q1 and prices are expected to soften given the news. In Wood, supply increased by 35k in the quarter confirming that this year’s prices are starting to have the desired effect of increasing supply. Both metal grades reported improvements on Q1 with Steel looking like it will create excess of 100k which will provide additional comfort to general recycling buyers. Paper volumes were up and continue to improve.

This latest set of supply figures report improvements across the board and certainly appear to favour buyers. With good excesses now being predicted in Steel, Glass and Paper it is hoped this will lift some pressure off the Wood market.