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PRN Market Report – Wk End : Friday 8th June 2018

PRN Market Overview

Trading activity this week was subdued against a backdrop of further price increases for this year’s problem materials. Small obligated buyers looking  to secure tonnage where happy to pay prices on offer. Once again we saw a number of negative news articles regarding Plastic exports which conflicted with the published supply information. It appears to be common place now that when positive supply information is released it has to be accompanied some form of bad news story. This was a factor in the increased values we saw trade in 2017 but it would appear buyers have become dismissive of these articles and prices drifted back down before the week ended.  Paper and Steel prices increased again this week as buyers looked to secure surplus tonnage in these markets for general recycling obligations. Wood prices continue to head north as demand continues to outstrip supply. Good news for Glass buyers with prices remaining stable this week albeit with little visible tonnage being traded through public outlets.

Over the past few days I have had the opportunity to get out of the office to visit major reprocessors throughout England & Scotland. I am happy to report that as part of these meetings we have secured volume tonnage to sell for the rest of 2018 and throughout 2019. In addition, we are happy to report confirmation of our first accredited NIEA Plastic reprocessor which has been confirmed by the NIEA. Thank you to those who made the time to see me this week. I look forward to providing a cost effective, trouble free prn trading and consultancy service tailored to meet your individual needs.