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PRN Market Report – Wk End : Friday 18th May 2018

PRN Market Overview

This week’s release of the 2018 demand figures confirmed the challenging increase in the Wood target. It was no surprise that most materials have reported demand down on 2017 levels as registrations are expected to grow in the coming months. At the time of publishing the producer registration list was reporting 6,616 producers registered against last year’s final figure of 7,002 a difference of 392 companies. Both Plastic and Wood demand was up on the previous year due to their respective target increases.  Wood note availability continued to dominate market discussions with a lack of supply raising concerns. Prices remained stable with trading transacting at £25.00 per tonne. There was good news for Plastic buyers with prices finally starting to soften, down £2.00 on last week. Buyers have been comforted by the strength of this year’s supply figures and the strong carry in position from January which has led many to divert attention to other materials.

It was a busy week for Glass trading as buyers and sellers digesting news of yet another court case. Trading activity increased tenfold as affected parties looked to close buying positions. With the tightness in Aggregate supply, it was no surprise that note values continued to align. Both the Paper and Aluminium prices increased and while the lack of supply in Paper provided the subtext for that notes increase, it would appear a lower April supply figure created some upward price pressure on the Aluminium value.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.21.24.png