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PRN Market Overview 6th April 2018

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Packaging Recovery Notes Market Overview

As the registration deadline approaches and with the timing of the Easter holidays leading some to take an early year break this week trading activity has been weak. The only noticeable change in market prices was seen in the Paper market with prices increasing up to £3.25. As has previously been reported a lack of available tonnage has resulted in the Paper price increasing. Now that the deadline of independent registration is passed and companies choosing this option are in receipt of their obligations for the year it is expected that trading activity will increase this week which may lead to some additional upward pressure on prices. 

This month we are due to see the first published supply information (22nd April Q1), and these figures along with the monthly analysis may result in a price correction depending on what results are published. Of most interest will be the current state of play in the Paper, Plastic and Wood markets. In Plastic, were early year returns appear to be strong, confirmation of a good quarter should result in a softening of the price. On early year information it would appear the Wood market will need to record a significant return if we are to avoid further price increases. Buyers will hope we see some evidence of a stronger supply position in order to take some pressure out of what appears to be an increasing Paper price.  All other prices remained routed in their previously reported prices spreads.