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PRN Market Report 30th March 2018

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Packaging Recovery Notes Market Overview

Once again this week prices remained relatively stable across most materials. The only price increase reported was seen in Plastic were top end prices rose by £1.50 due to some significant demand being sourced. All remaining prices remained stable however it must be noted that a lack of wood supply aided the stability of this price as little trading was reported.  

We are currently in the period of the year where stakeholders are busy finalising submissions to the agencies. It is expected that we will see some increased volume trading in the coming weeks once focus shifts back to 2018 buying requirement. We can expect to see the confirmed Q4 supply figures this week which will assist the market in providing further evidence of carry in tonnage this year. As previously reported both Aluminium and Glass Aggregate tonnage are considerably behind last year’s carry in level so these will no doubt see the most focus going forward.