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PRn Market Overview 23rd March 2018

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Packaging Recovery Market Overview

Prices have remained relatively stable this week with the only reported increase being seen in the Paper market. This market has seen a lack of availability help rally the price. Concerns regarding the availability of Wood prns this year continues to dominate discussions with weak tonnage available due to increased contract commitments this year. Prices for wood held firm but only due to a lack of available tonnage being traded. 

In the table below it have tried to shed some light on the challenges ahead this year. All 2018 demand figures are based on an estimate of packaging handled figures for 2017 with the 2018 targets applied. The supply figures quoted for January and February are from the monthly report and unaudited so we would advise clients to be wary of making trading decisions on the current information to hand. The table highlights the concerns regarding wood supply this year with current available volumes running 60% behind the quarterly target. An improvement in the reported Q1 figures for Aluminium and Glass Aggregate will also be required is we are to avoid any upward price pressure in these markets as the year progresses.