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Packaging Recovery Market Report – 2nd March 2018


PRN Market Overview

During the week we saw the release of the interim Q4 return along with an overview of transitional tonnage pushed across into 2018 (see table below). Aluminium saw carry figures fall by 60% from the previous year and provides some understanding as to why 2017 prices finished with a rally at the end of the year. Plastic recorded another excellent quarterly return aided by the better prices at the end of the year and in trend with the previously reported quarterly totals, somewhat confounded the media articles regarding exports. Glass tightened as expected but not by as much as many believed. Glass Remelt continued to dominate providing over 100,000 tonnes towards the Aggregate pot which saw in year supply fall by 19%. All other materials reported in line with last year’s totals with both Steel and Wood reporting excellent surplus. Given that the increased Wood target will require most of this year’s supply there are concerns regarding the meeting of the general recycling obligations from other materials.

Prices this week were relatively stable with only a tightening of the Paper supply resulting in some uplift in value in this market. Aluminium saw a small increase due to contracted fixed price delivery for the 1st quarter.



   - Ian Andrews