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PRN Market Overview 12 March 2018


Packaging Recovery Notes Market Overview

Another quiet trading week with most prices remaining stable. The Paper price firmed up at the bottom end with some strong forward contracting being recorded. The Plastic top end price increased by a small amount although it should be noted that volumes traded were down on the previous week. Wood availability concerns continued to produce an upward increase in value.

Today we have seen the release of the February monthly figure summary report (see table below). Please note these figures are unaudited and likely to change once the published Q1 figures are released on the 22nd April. The figures show a sizeably decrease in Paper availability for the month, something many have voiced concerns about and giving some reasoning behind the increased price over the last few weeks. Plastic has reported a stronger position than 2017 showing that the higher evidence note value is contributing to better returns this year. A decline in Glass Aggregate tonnage has been helped by a more robust Glass Remelt figure which should alienate any concerns. In Steel, a sizable drop in volume may cause some concern however if we compare the Q1 trend with last year’s monthly figures we should see additional tonnage reported at the end of the quarter.



   - Ian Andrews