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PRN Market Report – 23rd Feb 2018



Packaging Recovery Notes Market Overview

With the scheme data rounds in full swing activity this week was low. Most prices remained stable with only Paper and Wood showing some upward movement. In Wood a lack of available tonnage meant that those holding surplus could demand a premium from early buyers concerned about how this year’s additional demand will be satisfied. The Paper market saw a small increase as again available tonnage became harder to source. With the new restrictions on mixed paper exports now effecting tonnage generated from this side of the market and domestic supply being contracted up early by concerned buyers a lack of availability resulted in this price increase. While I have commented previously regarding the potential wood problems the supply figures throughout last year and this year appear to show no concerns for Paper supply. It may be the case that this year the Paper market sees market sentiment dictate the price as was seen throughout 2017 in Plastic.

All other material prices remained stable with volume activity being recorded in Glass as early buyers looked to close positions in the belief the published transitional figures will be lower this year leading to some upward pressure on the price.



   - Ian Andrews