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PRN Weekly Market Report 9th Feb 2018

Packing Recover Notes Market Overview

Following on from last week’s frantic final purchasing for the 2017 compliance year things quietened down as both buyers and sellers reflected on what the year ahead holds. We have seen some activity this week in the lower value materials with both Paper and Recovery reporting good volume sales. Plastic continued to trade albeit in smaller volumes with prices continuing to edge up.

The first set of monthly figures were released for the year and although unaudited they give a small insight to how the year started when compared against the 2017 figures. By in large it was a positive return with overall volumes up by 40,000 tonnes against last year. The materials which reported under their 2017 positions where Alumninium, Wood and Glass Aggregate. In Aluminium the shortfall reported was minimal and at this stage will not raise any concerns. In Wood, this year’s figure was 7,000 tonnes behind which although concerning may be a result of sellers not uploading early tonnages as has been suggested by some in the market. Glass aggregate tonnage fell by 10,000 tonnes however a increase in Glass recycling prns has again covered the shortfall although overall tonnages are down on last year’s figure. All other figures are up on the previous year with Paper reporting a solid 30,000 tonne increase which given the reported export problems for mixed paper must be seen as a positive result.