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PRN Market Report – Wk. End : Friday 28th September 2018

PRN Market Overview

This week we saw the Steel note price fall for the first time any many months. It would appear that it is positioning itself at a level which will result in buyers targeting it for general recycling obligations. All other prices remained within their previously reported spreads.

The debate on Plastic waste continues to dominate media headlines with a groundswell of activity now focusing on new technologies to recover and reuse the material. One compliance scheme, Ecosurety,  has taken the lead and committed to securing all prns generated from Recycling Technologies new plant in Scotland. Recycling Technologies have developed a process in which the Plastic waste can be refined back into an oil product for a variety of uses. It is hoped that this will be the start of further developments in the Plastic waste sector but it will take considerably support from all stakeholders to ensure these new technologies succeed. Previous opportunities to develop new methods of dealing with the material became unstuck when the virgin oil price dropped and made the new products overpriced.

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