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PRN Market Report – Wk. End : Friday 14th September 2018

Market Overview

Unsurprisingly trading activity fell this week with many stakeholders heading to the RWM in Birmingham during the week. Much of the discussions taking place at the show centered around the current PRN system and what the future holds. It would appear that after many years of trying to fix a system that wasn’t broken they have now decided change is afoot.

My thoughts are that the system has continued to deliver on the principals on which it was founded, that being, providing financial support at times when recycling activity is weak and vice versa. Over the last number of years the supply information has not reflected the price position of some materials, namely Plastic, and this will no doubt have added to stakeholders concerns regarding the validity of the current system. While I feel the time is right to redesign the system it would be foolhardy to start a fresh or copy other producer responsibility regimes which have failed to work. More focus needs to be placed on developing the UK’s infrastructure by incentivising domestic recycling. In addition I feel that those businesses who development more environmentally packaging should be provided with some form of credit for the good work they undertake.

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