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PRN Weekly Market Report – Friday 19th January 2018

PRN Market Overview

2017 Market

Reasonable demand remains in the 2017 market with late buyers continuing to come to the market. Most prices have continued their downward trajectory with only Aluminium continuing to buck the trend. There are still some pockets of supply remaining in the market with prices remaining volatile. There are reports of some sellers willing to accept prices close to the 2017 average with others asking for a premium for those still requiring volume tonnage. As the remaining buying is satisfied one would expect prices to fall in the coming week. A slight tightening of the 2017 Glass supply has resulted in prices holding firm with reports of transitional tonnage being used to fill the remaining 2017 demand.

2018 Market

Prices have remained firm in the last week with Plastic dominating market activity. The price spread has narrowed with top end prices falling and bottom end prices rising slightly. With so many supply concerns being raised across all materials bar Steel and Recovery it is expected that transitional prices will hold up as we get to the end of the month.

With one week left until the door slams shut of the 2017 compliance year there will no doubt be a steady stream of small buyers still trying to secure tonnage. This year it would appear that some who have left it to late may not be able to secure all required materials.



   -Ian Andrews