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The legislative regime

Packaging Recovery Notes

Packaging waste obligations

UK packaging regulations require all businesses that have a turnover of more than £2 million per annum and handle more than 50T of packaging a year to register with the relevant environment agency. They must also provide proof that they have met their obligations through the purchase of Packaging Recovery Notes. PRNs are traded much like a commodity or currency. Prices go up as well as down, depending on market forces.

Packaging Recovery Notes (PRNs) are evidence that an accredited re-processor has recycled a volume of material.

Obligated businesses must purchase PRNs relative to the packaging waste activity that they are responsible for.


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Producers, Re-processors, Compliance Schemes & Brokers

Packaging Waste Producer

If you a producer of waste packaging and need to purchase PRNs to meet your obligations we can find them for you. If you have concerns over the price that you are paying for your PRNs we are happy to have a chat. We can also help if you need advice about registering with the relevant environment authority or any other aspect of your waste packaging activity

Packaging Waste Re-processor

If you are a re-processor or exporter with PRNs to sell and you are looking for a good price, or perhaps don’t have the time to administer them yourself, we can help you move them on.

Compliance Scheme

If you are a compliance scheme we can help you find PRNs either on a regular basis or in times of market fluidity.

PRN Broker

If you are a broker and need a hand just give us a call.


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